The maximum exponent of P2P TV


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PPLive is a program that can display a multitude of television networks around the world through the same system used by other applications like Emule or Ares.

"Peer to peer" television or P2PTV distributes video "currents" (streams) between all users of a network that is based on this technology.

The application has a default list of channels that can be viewed with just one click. Usually strings are usually treated belonging to Asian countries, although there are worldwide. Furthermore, to add new strings PPLive, for it is only necessary to indicate the URL.

The operation of the program is very simple: the more people or sources are displaying a certain chain, the better the reception on your computer. Emule or Ares work similarly: the more users they have, or share a file, the faster the download.

Finally, the application has interesting configuration options, such as ports of entry and exit, the maximum number of connections for each program or type of connection available.

Among the most significant advantages of this program include:
- No need to wait for new seasons of the series' most famous come to your home country. PPlive gives you the possibility of viewing stations in the country where they are issued.
- Watch movies in original version.
- View all events that are not covered in your home country, but in a certain television station.

Requires Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Windows Media Player 10.